How can Hélice token give the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem a boost?

Blockchain technology can boast a very honourable reputation. This science is mysterious, tough, it attracts great minds and its extensive potential is gradually found out. Blockchain technology is prized even among non-experts. But the same does not apply to cryptocurrency, whose reputation is terrible.

As is often the case, public opinion puts the hardest burden on it since cryptocurrency is very often associated with fraud. There are many stories in the non-specialist press of questionable financial arrangements, of massive hacking, money laundering, speculation sharks, useless geek mode. …

Helice prosthesis has chosen to focus its charitable NGO commitment on two main associations. The first is Handicap International (Humanity & Inclusion). The second is e-Nable France created in late 2015. Why did we choose them? Well it’s not because “we have to choose”, but because, in addition to sharing our values, these two associations complement each other perfectly. We asked ourselves the question: what is our very top priority in financing an association while remaining in our sector — orthopaedics? Answer: children. These two associations, although far from being the only ones, have adapted their assistance to serve a…


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