How can Hélice token give the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem a boost?

Blockchain technology can boast a very honourable reputation. This science is mysterious, tough, it attracts great minds and its extensive potential is gradually found out. Blockchain technology is prized even among non-experts. But the same does not apply to cryptocurrency, whose reputation is terrible.

As is often the case, public opinion puts the hardest burden on it since cryptocurrency is very often associated with fraud. There are many stories in the non-specialist press of questionable financial arrangements, of massive hacking, money laundering, speculation sharks, useless geek mode. We have, undoubtedly, all seen the story of the good guy who lost his life savings after being promised the opportunity of a lifetime.

Maybe now is the time for a cryptocurrency –or a simple token– with visible, tangible effects, a very strong, immediate impact on customers’ daily lives, and which is likely to create a good buzz?

We think that, if some articles rather refer to a token enabling thousands of very happy customers to have access to sophisticated electronic medical equipment, the impact on the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem, including the Bitcoin, will be positive.

We think that if we manage to make our company a technological and human success, it could arouse great interest, including among the growing community of investors.

If, using all the positive features of cryptocurrency, even the Wolves of Wall Street start buying Hélice, and therefore indirectly (but very directly) prosthetics because it will have become profitable to do so, it would be a total success.

It is clear that maintaining a good reputation is critical if we want to achieve these goals. We will take great care of our image just as we will fight defamation. Yes, we want to be loved. Completely. This is why Hélice Prosthesis will never be involved in any suspicious, unethical, illegal or dangerous activity. We will stay away from overly “libertarian” temptations and will always collaborate with governments and legal institutions.

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